Most of the process is the same as for some of the other pieces, so I will miss out some of the moulding steps and only comment on the bits that I think are interesting. 

First I made up a strap using two pieces of ribbed weather strip on either size of a zip-tie(cable tie)

I moulded it up in silicone

And cast a couple of them out of epoxy fibreglass resin

Using MDF customwood , wood carving tools and a bit of sanding I made these pieces and marked where the tapering needed to be using a pencil

With a powerfile and sandpaper I added the tapering

Now, cutting up small pieces of my resin straps, I wedged them tightly in between the rib sections

Moulded up and cast in silicone with black plastidip. Excuse the thumbprint on the bottom rib on the right, I thought they were set and pulled them out of the mould too soon, but you get the idea.