All made from MDF for a clean smooth look.

The curve on the bottom of the v shape carved out with a power file, then finished with sandpaper.

Using Sandpaper wrapped around a socket, I got the hollow grooves along the long straps on this front piece.

With the middle part coated in primer, I glued it to a board.

I then glued the “wings” on the board.

Then added the wing tips.

The whole thing primed.

Adding a second bard behind the main board.

Boxing it up.

Filling it with silicone.

Removing the silicone negative.

I then made a silicone positive from the silicone negative.  Finally I made a plaster negative from the silicone positive and poured black tinted liquid latex in to it.

The final latex piece trimmed up.


With the velcro closure in place.