I can’t stress how important the black eye makeup is to complete the Batman Dark Knight look.  Whenever I see photos of people wearing a cowl without the makeup, it just looks so weird.  You can easily take a great suit and make it look like a cheap costume by missing this easy step.

What you need from a Batman makeup is:

  1. Long lasting
  2. Waterproof
  3. Black
  4. Easy to remove

  I have tried every different type of makeup and they all meet SOME of the requirements, but there is only one I have found that meets all of them… kind of.

I use ‘Kryolan Supra Color’ in black, applied with a cheap eyeshadow brush.  Supra Color is what is known to makeup artists as a grease paint.  Think of it as an oil based paint for your skin.  So no matter how much you sweat, it won’t run in to your eyes.  Becasue you don’t sweat it off, it lasts really well too and being a grease based professional makeup, a little goes a long way, while still giving a deep black colour.  I have been using the same little 8ml pot for many many years and it still has a good few years left in it.

The final requirement is being easy to remove – and this is the rub, it is easy to remove most of it, probably 98%, but the last little bit does take a bit more effort to get rid of the “emo look”.  I have found that most makeup removers work well, but I use Garnier Pure Active Micellar Water, with some cotton pads.