From my research, I believe that the gloves in the Dark Knight Films are built on a pair of motorbike gloves that are almost identical to two available on the market: the Shaf SH-791 Black Mesh Textile and Leather Gloves (Available from Amazon) and the now discontinued Xelement XG-791. These look almost identical to the film gloves straight out of the packet. You will however need to add the knuckle pads which are simply stuck on.  I don’t believe that any other modifications need to be done to these gloves.

To make the knuckle pads, I sculpted one pad and got it ready for moulding.  

I cast it in resin four times then mounted it to a board and boxed it up to mould in silicone.  I then pulled a positive silicone mould from the negative silicone mould.

I took a plaster mould of the silicone positive.

Then poured black latex in to the plaster mould.

Trimmed knuckle pads. 

A Quick coat in PlastiDip, then I glued the pads to the gloves with liquid latex.

And there you have it, screen accurate Batman Dark Knight Gloves for less than $20.