The boots in the Nolan films were custom made by a company in the UK called Altberg Bootmakers, using a Skywalk dual density sole like they use on their motorcycle and police boots (like the ‘Hogg all weather original’ and the ‘Field and Fell original’) – note the Skywalk logo is still visible on the boots on this display suit.

Fortunately you can buy very pretty accurate Bat-Boots off the shelf and one option is cheep too!  I own both options, so I will give my opinion on each.

Option one is from UD Replicas in the US.  They make a pair of real motorcycle leather boots (US$219), that are a licensed product and the most accurate version of the real thing that you can buy.  I will say though that I found their product to be poorly assembled and when I contacted the owner of the company, he ignored my emails until I commented on a Batman facebook page, then he publicly attacked me and said the boots would wear in (the panels are stitched in crooked, so they never did “wear in”), then he suddenly disappeared again and has not answered any of my emails since.  So I am stuck with boots that I feel very bitter about, but if you want accuracy and long wearing, this is your best option (I hate to say).

I should also note that UD replicas do not use any standard sizing, so their sizes are totally confusing.  I usually take a size 9, but in their sizes (using the size chart off their web site) I needed a size 7.  They also do not sell outside the US, so I had to get them sent to a shipping address in the US to have them forwarded to me.

Accurate movie look: 5 out of 5
Quality of assembly: 3 out of 5
Company to deal with: 1 out of 5
Comfort to wear for long periods: 2 out of 5

Option two if you only want them for costuming occasionally, is from a company called Pleaser in the US who make a range of faux leather costuming boots called ‘Funtasma’ and in that range there is a boot called ‘Gotham-100’ which is a replica of the movie boots (almost). The only noticeable difference between these and the real thing (or the UD ones) other than them being a bit more glossy, is there is a panel that should be textured, which is smooth on these ones, but for the price (US$65), they are very good.

I got my Gotham-100’s through ebay.  Sizing is an issue for some people and they make it harder by using sizes S, M, L and XL rather than shoe sizes.  During my research I read that they were quite large and some people said to get a size smaller than you usually would, some people said that they were small so get a size larger than you usually would and some people said they were accurate.  The place I got them from (user name fancydressoutfit) were incredibly quick with the shipping and they had a handy size chart on their listing too:

Men’s size conversion:

Small- 8-9 US, 7-8 UK, 40 1/2-42 EU, 26.5-27.4 CM
Medium- 10-11 US, 9-10 UK, 43-44 1/2 EU, 28.2-29 CM
Large- 12-13 US, 11-12 UK, 45 1/2-47 EU, 29.8-30.6 CM
XL- 14 US, 13 UK, 48 EU, 31.4 CM

I usually take a US size 9 shoe, so I went for small, which fit me perfectly!

I have read that other people who bought the larger sizes found that the calf was too tall and/or too loose, so some people ended up trimming the top of the calf and re-glueing them to make them a better fit. If you are lucky enough to live near a retailer, try them on first, if you are not – best of luck 😉
I guess because I got small, the calf was well proportioned too, so I was lucky.

Accurate movie look: 3.5 out of 5
Quality of assembly: 5 out of 5
Comfort to wear for long periods: 4 out of 5

BOTTOM LINE:  If you want accuracy and money is no object, go with UD Replicas.  If you want to save money and the stress of dealing with a terrible company, go with Gotham 100 boots.
I find the Gothams more comfortable to wear new out of the box, but they are a vinyl costume boot, so they will wear out, where as the UD boots are real leather, so they will wear in and probably become more comfortable as the Gothams would be wearing out.