The Halloween costume that got out of hand

I started building this suit from scratch for Halloween 2012. It took over 9 months to build and was completed 10 minutes before it was time to suit up on Halloween night. The suit’s second outing was to the Rugby Sevens in 2013 where I won the prize for best male costume. I have since done Children’s hospital visits, short films, kids birthday parties, photo shoots, school fairs, parades, Armageddon, street appeals, corporate publicity and tons more, all to raise funds for Wellington Children’s Hospital. Along with other super hero friends, we have raised thousands of dollars for many worthy causes.


I have created this web site because I keep getting asked all the same questions about how I made it and what materials I used, so I thought I would put together some step by step info with photos to show exactly how I made it. Then anyone else how has way too much time on their hands can learn from my experience and mistakes and build their own suit.


“Always be yourself, unless you can be Batman, then always be Batman”.


Why did you do this?
Well I like batman, so why not? It has been fun going to events where there are a lot of kids who want their photo taken with Batman.  I still remember meeting “the real Spider man” at a department store for a movie launch back when I was a little boy, so it’s cool to think that a kid may carry the memory of meeting “the real Batman” with them.  Although it was not the reason for making it, I have used the suit to raise thousands of dollars for the local Children’s Hospital and other worthy causes, and bring smiles to dozens of sick children, so it’s been much more rewarding than I could have ever imagined.

How much did it cost?
I can honestly say I have no idea. Probably in the thousands, but I have gone back and started rebuilding most of the suit for my second, more accurate version, so some of the expense has been doubled.  But I did win a $2000 prize at a sporting event costume party, so that probably covers most of the expense.

How did you make it?
Go to the build pages (link at the top of the page) and there are links to the step by step process of each part with as much info as I can possibly give.

How long did it take to build?
I started building this suit from scratch for Halloween 2012. It took over 9 months to build and was completed 10 minutes before it was time to suit up on Halloween night.  Since then, I have remade almost every part to make it more movie accurate – and I am not done yet!

Is it hot in there?
You can’t imagine how hot and uncomfortable it is.  My hearing is limited and I can’t move very easily, let alone fight crime. This is pretty much what Christian Bale, Michael Keaton, George Clooney and Val Kilmer all said about their experience playing Batman.

Can I buy your suit off you?
Not my suit, but I do sometimes sell raw latex pieces which can be trimmed, painted and assembled for people wanting to build their own suit.

What materials did you make it from?
Go through the build pages for full details, but I used a lot of MDF sheet, MDF trim for boxing, oil based clay, mould making silicone, petroleum jelly, liquid latex, black poster paint, fibreglass resin, fibreglass cloth, casting plaster (Ultracal), builders fill, sandpaper, primer, plasti-dip, velcro, elastic, dome snaps, denim, 3D Spacer Mesh, polyurethane resin and probably some other stuff I have forgotten.

Can you come to my child’s birthday party?
Unfortunately I had to stop doing birthdays (other than the odd one for family or friends) as it was getting out of hand with one or more almost every weekend.  I would love to be able to do birthday parties, but this is not a commercial venture for me, I have never taken any personal payment, I just do appearances to collect money for Wellington Children’s Hospital. These days I just stick to public events and charity collections etc. I’m so sorry and I hope you understand, but if you bring your child out to one of my public appearances, I would love to meet them and take a photo together.


If there is something that is not covered on this site, please feel free to drop me a line, the best way is via private message through my facebook page.  Jump over to my Instagram and subscribe to my Youtube Channel below.